• Impact screw
    Reinforced base of screw head withstands a high impact load, and firmly fastens a screw in a dowel after installation of the construction.
  • Goods with metric screw-thread
    We offer a wide range of galvanized and not galvanized screws manufactured at its own facilities in full compliance with the standards and norms. Own lines for the manufacture of metal products and plating line



The company provides services for galvanizing metal products. Efficient execution of orders. High quality services. Convenient geographic location.


Impact screw:

product characteristic

Material: steel 10 КП GOST 10618-80 (-C1008) Core hardness: 270-390 HV Skin hardness: 450-560 HV Coat: white zinc, 6 μm Head: reinforced countersunk head …



Product properties:

Stud-bolts are designed for fastening of any goods to concrete, solid brick (plastic dowel should be used in this case), wood with preliminary boring of holes…


ROST provides innovation and quality

History of the Company

The ROST Company began the activity in 2002. For this short time our Company grew from the small supplier of a shock nail, in the company which keeps considerable part of the Ukrainian market of fasteners. Extension of the product range, continuous quality control, modern technologies implementation, high-quality zinc coating allows to expand client base not only in Ukraine but out of borders as well. ROST products are actively purchased by the companies in Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States, Germany. Consumers of fixing system produced by ROST are the construction organizations, producers of furniture and furniture accessories, engineering companies, instrument makers, etc. Cooperating with ROST you receive the reliable partner supplier of high-quality products.

Sanitaryware stud-bolt
Sanitaryware stud-bolt is meant for fastening of pipe collars and other sanitaryware items to all types of concrete and brickwork with usage of appropriate dowel and for fastening of sanitaryware items to wood and chip plates without usage of dowel.more

L-type screw
L-type screw is used for fastening of any goods to wood base with preliminary boring of holes and solid construction materials. Materials: coated steel: zinc plating, chromate treatment. more

ROST provides the widest products range

and the highest quality standards

Current economic requirements don't give the chance to stop without intensive development. Without advance any enterprise is doomed to failure. Extension of products range provides to increase the clients’ number, and also to extend the presence in the Ukrainian market of fixing system. Expanding products range, we decided enter a market of production with a metric carving, having created the competition to South East Asian producers. An innovative technical and technological solution allows manufacturing of high quality products. Guaranty of stable quality of the goods is not only the personnel of our company, but also raw materials by leading producers of the calibrated wire and chemical components for zincifying of the fixing systems.

Currently the products list of the fixing systems includes more than 20 goods names, and the quantity of standard sizes is more than four hundred. There are such popular products as: bolts with the six-sided head, various fixing systems and machine-building fixture, hairpins, hooks, rivets in our products range. You always will be able to find out more detailed list of fixture, having passed to the section prices. And, be sure, always there is a necessary quantity of fixing systems in our warehouses